Over the last several years I have been committed on several levels when it comes to ministry and work. Ministry-related, I have been committed to volunteer full-time as the administrator, tech guy, conference coordinator, etc of Daniel Training Network and making way for the gospel to go forth in the nations (see my latest video update). Work-related, I have mostly sought to help those who are faithful messengers of the gospel, get their message out via a website for a donation.  Hence, what I do is entirely dependent on the generosity of prayer and financial partners who share a similar vision and burden. I do consider myself a full-time missionary, even though I am in the United States at the moment. Mainly because what I do is not supported by a salary of any kind and it connects me and the gospel to the nations of the world every week via the online resource center. As a full-time missionary, my family and I rely on the faithful prayers and generosity of ones like yourself to be able to continue doing the work of ministry day-to-day. If God puts it on your heart to partner with me in the gospel on some level, there are several ways to do this.


Prayer is the most effective way you can partner with me in what I do. I continually look for regular prayer partners – churches, couples, and individuals who would bring my family and I before the throne of grace daily and/or weekly.

If you are praying regularly for our family, please contact me and let me know. It brings an unbelievable amount of encouragement to us all!

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There are several ways by which to give financially.


Gifts given by monthly partners are huge blessing in terms of helping us cover bills and other regular expenses.[/box]


Gifts given not necessarily on a monthly basis but still at regular intervals of time, are a blessing particularly during times of transition or when we have unique extra needs.[/box]


One time gifts are a huge blessing in terms of covering ministry projects that the Lord has us putting our hands to (e.g. typesetting books for print). They are also helpful in times where we have special needs (such as when we’ve needed a new computer).[/box]

I am so thankful for all of you whom God has used and continues to use to enable me to carry out the ministry to which He has called me. May the God of all grace and mercy bless and reward you greatly in His coming kingdom. Amen.

See how you can help with special needs.

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